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About company

About company

Membership in the professional associations

Since 2011 Pension & Acruarial Consulting is a member of The Multinational Group of Actuaries and Consultants (MGAC).


MGAC was founded by independent actuarial and consulting firms to meet clients' needs for assistance in international benefits planning.

The MGAC approach to international consulting is characterized by:

  • Effectiveness: Responding to each client's business objectives, competitive environment and human resource needs.
    Efficiency: Considering cost, administration and communications implications before recommending new benefits arrangements.
    Appropriateness: Being well placed to take account of national characteristics and customs, as well as applicable laws and regulations, both for international and local staff.

How MGAC Works

Member firms work together to provide clients with high-quality services related to the design, administration and communication of employee benefit plans.

The delivery of services is managed by a client coordination consultant, who acts as the client's link with the network. That consultant is responsible for coordinating the MGAC resources required for each assignment.

MGAC also has extensive links with organizations in other countries not formally represented, and is ready to assist wherever possible.



  • Advice on other countries
  • Corporate governance / Global Benefits Committees
  • Executive pensions for multinationals
  • Expatriates / International Pension Plans
  • Global benefit strategy and audits
  • Global investment strategy
  • IAS19 / US GAAP co-ordination
  • International M&A
  • Multinational pooling
  • Social security design





Henner consultants (France)

Offers customised consulting services to employers in national and multinational companies.

Website: henner.com



Premium consulting (France)

An independent company specialising in employee benefit schemes and actuarial consulting.

Website: premiumconsulting.fr



Rüss, Dr. Zimmermann und Partner (GBR) (Germany)

An independent partnership providing full actuarial and consultancy services.

Website: rzp-aktuare.de



IFG Pensco (Ireland)

Offers retirement planning solutions to Irish and multinational companies.

Website: ifg.ie



Novaster GE, SA (Spain)

Offers services including pension plan designs, actuarial valuations and risk benefits.

Website: novaster.net



SPP Konsult (Sweden)

A leading Swedish pension and employee benefit consultancy.

Website: spp.se



LCP (Italy)

Assists with all Italian related pensions issues.

Website: lcp.uk.com



LCP (Luxembourg)

Assists with all issues related to pensions in Luxembourg.

Website: lcpbe.com




Afrinet & Alexander Forbes (Botswan, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe)

Provides Actuarial and Consulting services in the Employee Benefits industry.

Website: alexanderforbes.com




Sibsin consulting (Canada & United States of America)

A leading, independent firm of benefit, compensation and human resources consultants.

Website: sibson.com



Novaster GE, SA (Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama)

 Offers services including pension plan designs, actuarial valuations and risk benefits.

 Website: novaster.net



Rodarte Nogueira (Brazil)

An actuarial company with extensive knowledge of Brazilian accounting and international standards.

Website: rodartenogueira.com.br




Actuarial Consulting Group (Singapore)

An actuarial consulting firm with significant experience in pensions and insurance consulting.

Website: acg-worldwide.com



Dayamandiri Dharmakonsilindo (Indonesia)

An independent actuarial consulting firm providing actuarial and total employee benefit consulting services.

Website: dayamandiri.co.id



JP Actuary Consulting Co. Ltd (Japan & Thailand)

An independent firm specialising in corporate retirement benefit plans.

Website: jpac.co.jp


LCP UK (Kazakhstan, Oman, UAE)

Assists with all issues related to pensions in Kazakhstan.

Website: lcp.uk.com



Thanawala Consultancy Services (India)

A firm of actuaries and consultants specialising in providing actuarial and various employee benefit related consulting services.

Website: thanawalaconsultancy.com

19 may, 2011