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Global Actuarial and Financial Reporting Services including support related to pension and employee benefits under various GAAP’s and IFRS

Human Resources expertise such as benchmarking analysis and cost management

Mergers & Acquisitions advice both for qualitative and quantitative statements including due diligence on HR programs during Corporate Transactions and post deal HR integration

Risk Management and Compliance including sensitivity analyses of the effects of the capital markets on employee benefits

International Pension & Benefit consulting services including financial reporting management, compliance of retirement plans, plan design and redesign


Global Actuarial and Financial Reporting Services

  • Inventory of the client’s social programs. Analysis of the identified programs with respect to US-GAAP, Canadian GAAP or other Local GAAP’s and IFRS as applicable.
  • Coordination of the decision making process concerning the appropriate actuarial valuation methodology in accordance to US-GAAP or other GAAP’s/IFRS for financial reporting purposes for the liabilities arising from the identified social programs.
  • Coordination of the decision making process concerning actuarial assumption setting in accordance to US-GAAP or other GAAP’s/IFRS, specifics of the Russian actuarial practice and requirements of the client.
  • Preparation of actuarial valuations and financial reporting under GAAP’s or IFRS. Reporting includes descriptions of the main types of the identified social programs, overview of the main US-GAAP or other local GAAP’s or IFRS methodsand assumptions related to pension and similar liabilities and the corresponding disclosure information with sensitivities for the main results.
  • Communication with auditors in providing value added input in the preparation of the pension and employee benefit footnotes for the financial statements.
  • Additional Consulting Services on these programs that you may need periodically

Our  Approach

  • Goal is to deliver value at a competitive price
  • Scope clearly communicated to the client and agreed upon at onset of the project
  • Reasonable fees based on actual time spent
  • No overhead expenses